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Beat eggs with a fork and add a few drops of sesame oil. Add sugar and enough water to cover prunes to the pan.

Trim off tough tips of lily buds. Cut lily buds in half crosswise, then tear each half lengthwise into 2 or 3 shreds.

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Cover bamboo shoots with cold water by 2 inches in a small saucepan, then bring just to a boil to remove bitterness and drain in a sieve. Stir together vinegars, light soy sauce, sugar, and salt in another small bowl.

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Heat a wok over high heat until a bead of water vaporizes within 1 to 2 seconds of contact. Pour peanut oil down side of wok, then swirl oil, tilting wok to coat sides.

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Maitsvad faktid - Pelmeenid on jahutoidud, mis sisaldavad jahu ja mune. Saate neid küpsetada nisujahust, tatarSamuti manna or kaerahelbed.

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Seda serveeritakse ka magustoidu jahu lisandina või kompott. Või võite vette lisada supilusikatäit õli. Make diagonal cuts in each corner of every square about halfway to the centre, leaving the middle of the square uncut for the jam. Place a teaspoon of jam into the centre of each square.

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To make a windmill shape, lift one corner of a square and fold into the middle on top of the jam. Brush the top of the pastry corner with lightly beaten egg, and fold the next corner on top of the egg.

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  • Soak black and tree ear mushrooms in 3 cups boiling-hot water in another bowl water should cover mushroomsturning over black mushrooms occasionally, until softened, about 30 minutes.
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  • Mix butter and flour together with fingers to form a crumby consistency.
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Continue with the last 2 corners. Press firmly in the middle to ensure the corners stick.

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Place the pastries onto a baking tray and brush all over with lightly beaten egg. Bake at oC for minutes or until golden brown and slightly puffed.


The refinement gives the polished cutlery parts a high resistance to external influences. The rounded edges and stem provide a pleasant feel to amaze your dinner guests. The spoon fit the contours of their hands, making eating a smooth and sensual experience.

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  • The top of the handle is provided with the most comfortable grip so that it is comfortable and beautiful, and the edge is delicate and smooth to open the sour of aesthetic life.
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