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Need andmed näitasid, et meie tingimustes oli raku apoptoos tingitud pigem transgeeni ekspressioonist kui vektorist. Teie tagasiside on meile väga oluline. Signaali tuvastamiseks kasutati sekundaarset hiirt või küüliku antikeha lahjendusega

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Lykknes, Annette This dissertation deals with Ellen Gleditsch and some important aspects of her career, as professor, radiochemist and mentor. As Professor Gleditsch supervised students, gave lectures, disseminated science, did research and administrative work; together with many others she participated in the shaping of a research university which developed during her career. She also experienced the daily life in an institute in which there was competition for both resources and positions, included the professorship she was finally granted after many set-backs.

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During her time in Paris and U. Gleditsch participated in important debates in the early period of radioactivity, including those on the determination of the radium-uranium ratio and the half-life of radium. In Norway she devoted her time to atomic weight determinations, age determinations, and radiogeological investigations.

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Research was all important part of Gleditsch's life and career. Gleditsch was also a Mentor in many respects; in tile international radioactivity community, as one of the first female academics and radiochcmists in Norway, for her many students, and this role seems also to have been hers within her family.

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In Paris she looked after students from all over the world to help alleviate their home sickness, at the University of Oslo she was known as the scientific mother to many; mentoring was among Gleditsch's main qualities. The story of Ellen Gleditsch opens for several perspectives that are discussed. In paper 1, ''Ellen Gleditsch: Pioneer Woman in Radiochemistry'', the story is about the young chemist Ellen Gleditsch, who arrived in Shuttlei koti poletik in and started cooperating with Marie Curie.

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